Count Down To 2023


Count Down To 2023

By this time next year, the political sphere of Nigeria will be hit with an intensity of political horse trading as to who clinches what position in 2023 at the centre and across states. Already, permutations and consultations are on-going with pundits noting that the present administration is at the brink of a new era. Whether or not the current dispensation has done well or not, attention is gradually shifting to where next to pitch tents and the best possible candidates to mount the saddle, in respective states in particular and the country at large.

Presently, Nigerians are distracted by woeful tales of killings, banditry, kidnapping, terrorist activities and threats of secession. There is fear of the unknown as Terror Gun Men are running riot and having a field day in the South East. The ESN, an appendage of the IPOP, is on the prowl, threatening brimestone and fire, and the stubborn Boko Haram and the herder-farmer conflicts are not abating.

Disturbed by these numerous punches on the heart and soul of Nigeria, many are doubtful of the continued existence of Nigeria beyond 2023. Permit me to share these had, but bitter truths; Nigeria will remain one beyond 2023, general election will hold in 2023, the sudden surge and scourge of insecurity in the South East is politically motivated, the increasing armed conflicts is to draw attention, there will be terror-induced voter aparty and the ruling class will capitalise on it to foist unpopular candidates on the masses, again.

This time, as the nation matches closer to another election, the onus is on us to determine our fate in the next dispensation. The mistakes of previous years should not be repeated. This is the time to walk out en mass to thwart any grand plan aimed at lording the reign of perennial politicians on us. We must, as a matter of priority, prefer skill, knowledge and competencies to mediocrity and opportunistic access to power. If we do not stop these career politicians, they will continue to stop and mortgage the future of this country.

At the state level, as in Abia State of my origin, the only way out of social-political and economic conundrum, and to realising the dreams of our founding fathers is a resolute contusion of old and age-long power blocks, consisting political business leaders, who see politics as a career. Abia State, like other states, must seek the services of entrepreneurial compatriots and skilled technocrats to take over from Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu-led government, come 2023.

One cannot over-emphasise the level of collateral damage done in the Nigerian polity by career politicians, hence the urgent need to keep them away with every strength and energy we can muster. We must do everything to reject and stop them in the wake of the on-going consultations ahead of 2023 general elections. They have expressed incurable trait of plunging the masses into poverty, subjugation, untold hardship and untimely death. The time has come to say, enough is enough, because they have only substantiated the saying that one cannot give what one does not have.

We must critically evaluate those fronting themselves for Abia seat of power in particular and Nigeria in general to ensure that only those with proven record of enterprise, drawn from the pool of technocrats are given a chance. This is a task we must all join hands to execute. The future we all seek lies here in our hand.

Jaja Martins

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