Two days ago, I went to inspect my corn farm in the company of my friend, Prince Max. On our way the car radio announced that our dear caring President Buhari has directed that workers’ salaries and allowances should be cut down.

Few days ago, the Group Managing Director of the nation’s cash cow, NNPC was said to have written to the Accountant General of the Federation that the corporation would be contributing nothing, I mean zero naira, to the coffers of the government for the months of May, June and July. Whatever reason that may have been adduced is not my interest here but the consequential socio-economic implications of this impending doom in a monocultural economy like ours.

Oh my God! You don’t get it!! Forget all the big and long grammar. They are saying that Naija is one big broke ass!!! Broke as in broke!! There will be no money in Abuja to be shared by the states for these three months. Salaries and bills would be owed by the states. There won’t be enough money to be spent on side chicks by the politicians. There will be more hunger in the land. In short, the street go red the more.

Forget all the social media “forming” and razzmatazz. Most people are hungry and angry. 2019 World Bank report said that only 2% of Nigerians had upto #500,000 in their account. With the way we are spiraling down the slope today, it is possible that less than 1% has such money today as their account balance.

But seriously and honestly, what is the way out? Go to the villages. Embrace agriculture. Till the land. Plough the soil. It doesn’t matter the size. A friend here is doing 50 hectares of maize farm in Ilorin all the way from Lagos where he lives with his family while I am doing only 12 hectares of the same maize and cassava farm in Abia. A paint of garri now goes for #1200 and the minimum wage is #30,000 per month yet, they want to half it. Goggle the current price of a 50kg bag of maize.

In all these things, wetin be my own? Wetin join vulture with barber? I am gainfully unemployed and happily unemployable. I am a local man – local as in local. I do my thing locally, and I am happier for it.

Ubani Dannie

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