Multitude gather as Prof-acb Agbazuere celebrates


Multitude gather as Prof-acb Agbazuere celebrates

By Judie Joseph

The weather was at its most clement that morning, the birds chirped so well, the clouds in the sky had the perfect shapes. Nature decided to give out its best.
The environment was bustling with excitement, there at the sit out of his magnificent mansion …..
At the middle of a small gathering, seated the man of the moment.
Left and right, surrounded by men, cheering and making merry, the scene brought to mind, the picture of King Arthur of Camelot, his knights, and the round table.
The positive demeanor that morning was contagious, anyone that stepped in, got infected.
Along came the wind and percussion instrumentalists.
Prayers were offered and crowned with praises giving thanks and glory to God _the Source of Creation on behalf of the man of the moment.
Immediately the musicians, led by a saxophonist began to flaunt their talents exerting every energy in them to propel a gyration that compelled everyone within hearing range to move their bodies to the symphony. Libations were poured and said by the birthday man himself and Paddy Anyatonwu, fulfilling the righteousness satisfactorily.
To whom much is given, much is expected. Prof. Agbazuare has given more than expected as the scene moved from his house to charity, the homes of the less fortunate, on his birthday he wanted all to share in his joy, he had a bus stocked up with bags and cartons of food and everything good.
If there’s one similarity between him and the Mother Theresa of Calcutta, it’s the impartation of kindness. Kindness is a gesture that doesn’t have criteria to start up.
Sam Hart, Rowland Ceasar, Onyii Wamah, Chinenye Nwaogu, Felix Obisike Kennedy, Tony Otuonye, Uche Aguoru, Okechukwu Ufomadu, and the coterie of fans danced to the delight of the celebrant.
The party was adjourned till 4 pm.
In the open space of the Abia hotels, vibes were still strong, gradually people swept in from all angles of the cardinal points, to honor the Prof. The music depicted the Igbo culture. With heads turned and standing ovation observed, approaching the scene, the man in the spotlight, the Duke of Ngwa land himself, and his entourage.
The Duke, smart, trendy, and classy in his attire, looked so young that it contradicted his new age.
It’s not a matter of how old a man has lived, it’s a question of how well, to a concluding fact that people would attest to it.
The SUG President of the Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, and some of his colleagues seized the opportunity to openly award him, it was a heartfelt gesture which he returned with gratitude as a people person, with all humility, concluded with the students, the popular chant of Nigerian students and it inculcated a deep sense of value in these students.
In time more and more dignitaries emerged the scene, including the likes of Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, the prospective DG’s of the state, including the DG of BCA, Uzo Ihuka, Ugochukwu N Emezue, Iroegbu Emenike, President of many town unions, members of Abia State Legislative Council, some traditional rulers, etc.
The Prof. was overwhelmed by the gesture bestowed on him that night, few persons were allowed to talk about him, and they emphasized his strengths, and we got to understand the person of Prof. Better.
The Prof. had his turn to speak and he briefly took us through the gallery of his life so far, then recognized everyone present was a bountiful feast and a time to remember.
As the night crawled deeper in the sky, the party had to draw the curtain. Though the celebration at the Abia hotels ended, but never in our hearts.
We celebrate the man he has become, we celebrate the person of Prof. A.C.B Agbazuare.

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