Piggery is a cash cow


Dom Nik, typical of him, didn’t disappoint yesterday. He came stirring the hornets nest with his suggestion that South East governors should have maximized the potentials, dietary and commercial, in piggery as a viable alternative to cow meat and it’s associated intractable cow meat and never-ending problem.

Abraham Adims, Bestman and Dan Nkaru, contradicted him. To Abraham Onyenso, piggery is a private business just like cow farming and pork is not widely eaten. As such it should remain purely private and shouldn’t concern government.

Likewise, Best Eruba premises his opposition to piggery in health and religious reasons. According to him pig is unclean by Bible standard, and pork meat comes with certain health challenges. Both anti-piggery and pork proponents, Abraham Onyenso and Bestman Eruba are prominently among the few people here whose cerebral contributions to issues justify my presence in this zuckervile but in this instance, both of them are cerebrally wrong. I mean wrongly wrong!

For a start, my younger brother and friend Abraham Onyenso, piggery is as private as terrena palm farming. That terrana palm farming is a private business of interested farmers didn’t stop Abia State Government from expending a whopping sum of 2 billion naira CBN loan procuring it and distributing same to interested farmers. Why? Simply because the drivers of Abia decision-making system believe that Abia has a comparative advantage in this sphere hence the need to maximize her potentials in this regard. Wether this policy objective has been realized or not is another kettle of fish but the emphasis here is that irrespective of free market cloak of all capitalist economies, it is the responsibility of every responsible government to create an enabling environment for private initiative to thrive.

In the recent past, Kwara State cashed in on the economic potentials of wooing and bringing in the displaced Zimbabwean white farmers to establish huge modern farms in Kwara State. Kebi State has invested hugely empowering her citizens for massive rice production Few weeks ago, Lagos State imported some high bred cows for mass production and subsequent mass distribution to her farmers. The same Lagos State is investing hugely in rice milling. It may interest you to know that Lagos State projects an income of about 60 million dollars from agriculture in the next five years. What do you call this if not planning and visionary leadership?

Again, it bespeaks of naivety for you to think that piggery is all about production of pork for dietary consumption only or that you do not consume pork one way or the other. Would you be surprised to hear that you consume pork through the toothbrushes you use, the cloths you wear, the shoe brush you use on your shoes, the cloths you wear, the bags you use, the sofa in your house, the chairs in your car, the bacon and cheese you eat. The list is endless.

Again, nothing can be more fallacious than to say that pork is not widely eaten. As has been rightly said by your brother in the faith, Bestman Eruba pork is more widely eaten than beef. According to him, pork accounts for about 38% global meat consumption. In terms of revenue the global pork meat market size was valued at $236,112.7 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $257,874.5 million by 2027. That your religious belief forbids your from eating meat doesn’t mean many others don’t eat it.

…..to be contd.

Ubani Dannie

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