Run Or Stop Determines What Happen In Your Life


“You can run or you can stop and put and end to what is bothering you.”

How do you face life? What approach do you adopt, fight or flee? What is your pattern, avoidance or engagement? The pattern you choose will certainly determine many things.

The wise person doesn’t postpone the battle required to move to the next level of their life. Even though, sometimes you may need to stoop to conquer, but you will certainly note that the earlier you face issues and deal with them the better for you.

You cannot run forever, you cannot avoid to engage all your life. You need to be sure you’re dealing with all the issues you need to deal with, that is what growth is actually.

If you are irritated with every brush, how then can you shine asked one wise man. There is no way a shoe can shine without being brushed. The harder the shoe is brushed the more it shines.

You need to engage with life. You need to confront life’s challenges directly most times to grow and gain experiences needed as you journey on. Do not allow things to bother you all your life. Do not allow your mind to become a theatre of worry. Attend to the issues that confront you that is the real way to grow.

You cannot just sit around and allow hurt become part of your life. It is said a man can run to prepare to fight another day, but the truth is that ‘fight’, he must do, if he will be free. In reality no one gains freedom without fighting for it. Life structured in such a way that you must fight to conquer challenges before you can gain freedom.

Be careful if your life becomes too easy and without challenges. Those are the things that makes you grow the psychological and emotional muscles needed to become strong and remain strong.

As you confront the issues of life, develop and retain the positive and optimistic mindset that all will be well. There was no original intention to undermine you or make you fail. You are structured to win and become victorious in the journey of life.

Sometimes the battles may seem too severe and fierce. Sometimes the challenges may appear insurmountable, yet if you persevere, if you push harder, you shall overcome. Face it, confront it, fight it, that which is bothering you is not stronger or bigger than you.

Most times until you confront it, until you stop running and engage it, you may never become free from it. Every challenge not confronted remains one until confronted and conquered.

Wake up and arouse your faculties to face life with a mindset that you will remain victorious in your fights. Even when you fall short, know that it will not be the end of your life. It may just be that you need to prepare more for the next battle of your life.

Whenever you engage and you are not victorious do not allow momentary defeat or shortcoming deter you from making future efforts. One failure in life cannot define you rather let it become part of your experience with which to confront the next phase of your life.

Remember, it is your choice to run or stop to fight, confront and engage the challenges bothering you in life. Also note that the earlier you face them and confront them, the better it is for you.

However, never you engage in a battle unprepared. Some wise have advised that you see life itself as a battle and be prepared to fight always.

Put on the warrior spirit all the time so that when the battle arises, you will not be taken unawares.

Run or stop, will determine so much in your life.

Chinenye nwaogu….

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